Read to Me at Home tubs promote home reading by encouraging parents to take books home to read with their young children. Day care facilities or early childhood educators may borrow Read to Me at Home tubs to loan the individual bags of books to families. The organization that borrows the tub are responsible for returning materials back to the library.

Ready to Read Alaska has 7 Read to Me at Home tubs. Each tub includes:

  • 10 small canvas bags, with 3 board books in each bag, for a total of 30 books
  • Each bag has a numbered tag for easy tracking
  • Sheets for tracking borrowed bags


  • Tubs are not themed.
  • Read to Me at Home tubs are loaned for 6 weeks. Tubs are renewable.
  • If sent to location outside of Anchorage, the loan period is 9 weeks.
  • One tub contains Spanish language materials.
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Suggestions For Using Read to Me at Home Tubs:

  • “Check out” a bag to each child on Monday night and have all the bags returned to you by the following Friday or Monday
  • “Check out” a bag to adults attending a parenting class with regular sessions

Read to Me at Home Tubs