Ready to Read tubs provide a complete set of tools for building a solid foundation for literacy. These books were specifically chosen to offer multicultural portrayals or young children, some Alaskan themed books, and manipulative features (e.g. touch and feel, lift a flap, etc.). Materials can be incorporated into various aspects of early childhood learning and development.

Ready to Read Alaska has 4 Ready to Read tubs. Each tub includes:

  • An assortment of 30-50 board and picture books
  • A resource guide and a DVD for the adult childcare provider


  • Tubs are not themed.
  • Ready to Read tubs are loaned for 6 weeks. Tubs are renewable.
  • If sent to location outside of Anchorage, the loan period is 9 weeks.
  • The DVDs included in tubs are meant for adult caregivers.
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Suggestions For Using the Ready to Read Tubs:

  • Let children take board books in and out of the tub to develop fine motor skills
  • Use picture books for storytime with a group of children
  • Use song books to sing with children to develop sound awareness
  • Use books to engage children in a conversation to develop language skills
  • Discover new favorites with the vast array of titles

Ready to Read Tubs

Tubs are listed alphabetically below by the resource guide they contain: