Borrowing Materials

The Center loans reading kits to organizations that serve families with infants and toddlers, such as (but not limited to):

  • Child care centers
  • Licensed home child care providers
  • Early care & education agencies
  • Libraries
  • Health clinics
  • Faith-based organizations

Outside of Anchorage

If your organization is located outside of the Anchorage area, contact your local library about borrowing kits on your behalf. If you do not have a local library, please contact the coordinator to borrow materials.

In Anchorage

If you are an organization located in Anchorage, you may choose to borrow materials with an Anchorage Public Library corporate card. The corporate card enables representatives from organizations to borrow library materials from the Anchorage Public Library without having to use an individual employee’s personal library card. Organizations within the Municipality of Anchorage are eligible to apply for a corporate card from the Anchorage Public Library. The organization is responsible for everything checked out on the corporate card. Please report lost or stolen cards immediately.

  • By completing the application process, the organization agrees to accept full financial responsibility for all materials borrowed from the Anchorage Public Library, which includes payment for lost, damaged, or overdue materials.
  • Use of the corporate card should be limited to organization-related activities.
  • The corporate card expires after one year. Annual re-application is necessary for borrowing privileges, provided the card is in good standing.
  • The corporate card must be presented when borrowing materials.
  • Replacement for a lost corporate card will be issued upon receipt of a written request from the organization’s director.
  • Notify the Anchorage Public Library circulation department when changes are required in the list of authorized users.

To apply for a corporate card, follow the steps below and visit any Anchorage Public Library location.

  1. Provide a letter of authorization, written on letterhead, from the director or business owner requesting a corporate card, stating the names of the persons within the organization who will be allowed to use the card. If you are self-employed, you do not have to use letterhead stationery, but you must present your business license at the time of application.
  2. Complete a library card registration form online.
  3. Provide valid picture identification of authorized representative who signs the library card registration form.